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Maybe VLC for Pi

October 10, 2016 — BarryK
Quirky builds for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3 have included Xine for video playing. However, it does not work very well. Well, mostly doesn't work. Works much better on the x86 PCs.

So, I looked at what other video player there is for the Pi's.

There are at least two that have support for the GPU in the Pi, Omxplayer and VLC.

Omxplayer is CLI only, VLC is CLI and a GUI version requiring Qt.

I decided to give VLC a go, but I don't want to bring in the Qt libs, my Quirky build is big enough already (about 350MB). Instead, I am compiling it for CLI only, and I will checkout 'vlc-gtk'.

Here is a web page that explains about Pi GPU support for VLC:

I followed those instructions, checked out the latest VLC from github, however it requires a later version of ffmpeg than that in Ubuntu 16.04. So I downloaded VLC 2.2.4, the latest release version.
I think that I read that Pi support was introduced with 2.2.0.

It is compiling on the Pi2 right now.

VLC-GTK was developed by sc0ttman:

sc0ttman also posted here:

...I haven't tried these GUIs yet!


I found this thread on the Pi forum:

There are some difference to the config options I have used.
I have /opt/vc in Quirky, but haven't put those paths in explicitly, as I think the previous link said that is taken care of with the '--enable-rpi-omxil' option.

Well, we shall see.

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