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shared-mime-info rolled back to 0.90

October 02, 2016 — BarryK
For all Quirky builds for the x86 and x86_64 platforms, I have used 'shared-mime-info' package version 0.90, compiled in T2.

However, for the armv7 builds, for the Raspberry Pi2 and pi3, and the Odroid XU4, I have used the DEB package, which is version 1.5.

I found that some mime types have been changed, for example, DEB files have changed from "application/x-deb" to "application/vnd.debian.binary-package". That I can live with.

Note, that particular change was submitted to IANA in 2014:

What has alarmed me is that some text files are now being mis-identitifed as "application/octet-stream", that is, binary files. Which they definitely aren't.

I hit this when chasing down a bug with Quirky on the Pi2. Line 18 in /usr/sbin/ has this this:

. /root/.packages/DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS

Just including a text file, but it failed, with the error message:

cannot execute binary file

Yikes! shared-mime-info is the culprit.

My solution is to compile "good old" 0.90 and create a PET. This PET will now be used in ARM builds of Quirky.

Tags: linux