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SimpleVLC now SimpleVP

October 31, 2016 — BarryK
I wrote about SimpleVLC recently:

The next release of Quirky for the Pi2 and Pi3 will have both VLC and Omxplayer.

SimpleVP (Simple Video Player) is now a GUI frontend for both of these CLI players. Hence the change to a more generic name.

It is basically working. I have just searched online how to get keyboard control when Omxplayer is playing a video, will do that next. Also, found docs on how Omxplayer can play in a small window.

Stay tuned.


Progress is rapid!

SimpleVP is written to easily be a GUI for any CLI media player.

It now supports VLC, Omxplayer and FFplay.

Have added drag-and-drop to play audio CDs and video DVDs.

Testing on my laptop. Runs well on the laptop, as it does on the Pi.

Tags: linux