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8192cu wifi now working in Pi2

November 29, 2016 — BarryK
There is so much controversy over the 8192cu wifi chip. The Raspberry Pi kernel source developers are using 3rd-party source from Realtek and have disabled the 'rtlwifi' driver provided in the mainstream kernel.

There is a proposal to revert that, that is, dump the 3rd-party driver:

The problem is, that 3rd-party driver does not work in Quirky. Apparently it works in Raspbian. Scanning for networks works, but cannot establish a connection.

I have this wifi dongle, with "0bda:8176" interface, requiring the 8192cu driver:

I found another source, that has been reported to work OK. This is also source from Realtek:

I had to hack the 'Makefile' a little bit, to get it to compile.
Yep, it works, using it now.


This is the rtl8192cu-osmc source, with hacked 'Makefile' so will compile on the Pi2:

Tags: linux