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Coming up: btrfs, x86_64

November 13, 2016 — BarryK
Some notes on what I am now starting to work on.

It is about time for another Quirky for the x86_64 PC. Version 8.0 was released back in April:

Another thing that I am starting work on is examining use of btrfs as the root filesystem, instead of ext4 or f2fs.

A couple of years ago, someone recommended btrfs to me for use in Puppy/Quirky, due to support for compression and Copy on Write (CoW).
Here is an overview of Btrfs:

What is motivating me now to look at btrfs is the send/receive, or snapshot, feature.

Quirky is designed with a snapshot and recovery mechanism, however it is slow and clunky. Btrfs, it seems, could make creating a snapshot just about instantaneous, and recovery just as fast.

Here is an interesting link on porting Raspian on the Pi over to btrfs:

If you read reports about btrfs on the Internet, there is a lot of negative stuff. Some of it quite dated though.
What is the status now, in 2016? This is an interesting read:

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