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Linux driver for D-Link DWA-131 Rev.E

November 29, 2016 — BarryK
I bought one of these wifi dongles awhile ago. I posted about it at the time:

I wanted to get this dongle running on my Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3, and it is done, using it now.

Compiling 3rd-party drivers is now possible as I compiled the 4.4.34 kernel for the Pi, and created a kernel-source PET. So, anyone can do this. What is required is Quirky 8.1.3, with the "devx" PET and the kernel-source PET.

My D-Link DWA-131 dongle is Rev.E, which has a "2001:3319" interface, which is a rtl8192eu chip. This information is documented here:

The driver source was downloaded from here:

The 'Makefile' has to be edited. There are variables specifying the target architecture, which has to be changed from "386" to "rpi", then just run "make" and "make install".

Connecting to the Internet was a little bit slow, but it got there. Running now, for about 15 minutes, hasn't dropped out.

I will make a PET for this driver, and probably include it in the next release of Quirky.


I have archived the source here:

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