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Qsync NTP time sync

November 06, 2016 — BarryK
Quirky, and most, perhaps all, puppies, have Psync for synchronizing the time from the Internet.

Psync was developed by tasmod and latest is version 2.10:

The Raspberry Pi does not have a battery-backed hardware clock, so is heavily reliant on NTP time sync from the Internet.

However, psync does not work reliably. At bootup, if there is not an immediate Internet connection, sync will fail. Psync does try to wait awhile, but that is not an adequate solution.

We are getting bug reports related to this, such as https failing due to the time being wildly wrong.

I decided to make a clean start, and I wrote Qsync from scratch. Very simple, here is the GUI:

The new script is /usr/sbin/qsync, and I modified /usr/sbin/quicksetup and /root/network_tray (now version 3.2.1) to work with it.

It doesn't matter when you connect to the Internet. You can bootup and not be connected (and Quirky will set the date/time from the last shutdown). Then, when you connect, network_tray will call qsync as a CLI app and there will be an NTP sync.

The GUI will popup from QuickSetup, also from the menu Desktop -> Qsync

Qsync is builtin to woofQ, not a PET. It uses the 'ntpdate' utility.

Tags: linux