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SimpleVP rapidly matured

November 03, 2016 — BarryK
SimpleVP (SVP) is my GUI frontend for CLI (commandline) players. In Quirky Linux on the Raspberry Pi, there is FFplay, VLC and Omxplayer. SVP is a frontend for all of these.

Here is a snapshot:

I have used the excellent SVG images developed for woof-CE by zigbert and others, plus a couple modified by me.

The Help icon at bottom-left of the window has a detailed help page, that I am gradually adding to.

There is also an OSC (On-Screen Control) window, that displays when videos are played in a window.
Even Omxplayer, which renders direct to the screen, bypassing Xorg, can render in a portion of the screen, allowing the OSC.

Audio files are played with a visualization window and the OSC.

SVP will play audio-CDs and video DVDs, and optical media with individual audio/video files.

There is a button for streaming media, but not yet implemented, though any URL can be dropped or typed into the edit-box.

Tags: linux