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Building SlaQ in woofQ

December 29, 2016 — BarryK
WoofQ, like the Woof* builders for Puppy Linux, is the build system for Quirky.

With woofQ, I have mostly built Quirky from Ubuntu binary DEBs. However, I am now doing a x86_64 build based on Slackware 14.2 packages.

It feels good to be working with binary packages that haven't been "messed around", intact, whole, just as their developer's intended them. In contrast to the meddling done by Debian and Ubuntu distribution designers, not just to packages, but the entire filesystem.

WoofQ has needed some fixes though:

The script '0setup' converts the Slackware package database to Puppy-format. I fixed this, and greatly improved the conversion speed.

The script '2createpackages' will execute a post-install script found in a Slackware package. This needed some fixing. In particular, use of overlayfs instead of aufs.

Right now, ready to run '2createpackages' to build all the packages to be used in Quirky. But, life is interrupting, have to do other things, will get back onto it this evening.

I have tentatively named this Slackware-based Quirky "SlaQ". Yeah, I could have named it "SlaQware", but decided that is going to far.

There is likely to be a build for the Pi too.


Running it now, x86_64 build.

Nice, a few bugs though, will work on those. Some are generic, will affect the Quirky Xerus64 build also. Such as sound level not remembered after reboot.

Tags: linux