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Heatsink for Pi3

December 03, 2016 — BarryK
There has been some discussion on the Puppy Forum about heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3. In particular, the aluminium case which also behaves as a heatsink for the CPU and RAM chips looks really great:

I bought some heatsinks from Cheap, but tiny little things, only 5mm high. Don't think they will be much use at reducing the temperature, so I purchased this one from Adafruit, 15x15x15mm:

And here it is on my Pi3, along with a smaller one from

Nice and warm to the fingers. HardInfo is telling me 46.1 degrees C. But ambient is very mild, and just using it lightly right now, web browsing. Will need to stress test it!


Today I am compiling with T2, set to use three cores. This is using the CPU very intensively. It has been running for a few hours, and just now I checked the CPU temperature, via HardInfo.

CPU temp "thermal 0": 58 degrees C
Ambient: 22 degrees C

It is summer here in Perth, Australia, but today is remarkably mild. We can get as high as mid-40.

No heatsink on the RAM underneath the board, so don't know how that is getting on, temperature-wise.

Puppy Forum member pakt has posted that the Pi3 defaults to "powersave":

So, I bumped the CPU up to "performance".

Running T2, compiling on three cores, this is a good stress test.

After about half an hour has settled at 67.1 degrees C, ambient is a very cool 16 degrees C.

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