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Quirky 8.1.4 for Pi2 and Pi3

December 14, 2016 — BarryK
Quirky Linux "Xerus" 8.1.4 is released for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3. This is a minor-point release of Quirky 8.1, with important bug fixes and improvements.

Please read the release announcement for Quirky 8.1 here:

The full release notes for 8.1 are here:

Improvements since 8.1 can be discovered by reading this blog. Of particular note is the increment from to 8.1.4, which has introduced more robust fault recovery:

Download from here:

Installation instructions with important newbie notes:

If you already have Quirky Xerus running on the Pi, an earlier version, upgrade to 8.1.4 is available by small Service Pack PET package.
Starting the Package Manager (PPM) will automatically probe for availability of a Service Pack, or run from the menu:
Filesystem -> Quirky Version Upgrade Manager

If you need to compile source packages, install the "devx" PET. Run the PPM to install it, or directly from here (191MB):

Kernel source PET (288MB):

Post questions, interact with other keen users:

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