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Static e2fsprogs and coreutils on Pi2

December 02, 2016 — BarryK
A little while ago, I posted about compiling Busybox statically against uClib using Buildroot on the Raspberry Pi2:

I am now having a go at compiling more packages statically, as I want to be able to create a fully-static recovery filesystem in Quirky.

The main one is busybox, got that. Next on the list is e2fsprogs and coreutils.

So, I went to buildroot again, the same build that compiled busybox, and ran "make menuconfig" to add e2fsprogs and coreutils.

Managed to compile them, both linked statically. Interestingly, coreutils created a single binary, similar to how busybox works. The coreutils binary is 800KB, which is actually smaller than the individual utilities that I normally use in a Quirky build (Quirky uses a cut-down set of utilities from coreutils, only ones for which busybox applets are not adequate).

Now that I have my 1TB drives running on the Pi3, inspiration has arrived to revisit T2. The primary motivation here is to compile dietlibc.

Dietlibc in Ubuntu is broken, or so it seems to me. The build in T2 is quite complicated, difficult to do outside of T2. So, I am now running T2 on my Pi3, intending to create a dietlibc binary package that I can use in Quirky builds.

Tags: linux