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T2 on Pi3 now at Stage-3

December 05, 2016 — BarryK
I reported yesterday that I was doing a native compile with T2 on my Raspberry Pi3:

I am actually using an old version of T2, used back in 2015 to create Quirky April, for x86.

T2 Stage-0 builds a cross-toolchain, and at Stage-2 onwards there is a chrootable target build environment, as explained here:

Stages 0 and 1 were a rough ride. Mostly due to Ubuntu's header files conflicting with what is being compiled in the target environment.
I posted some questions and fixes to the T2 mail-list:

However, there were lots of other nasty little hacks that I had to do. But finally got to Stage-2, and the going should be smoother, as the host headers won't interfere anymore.

I am typing on my Pi3 right now, even as it compiles. This Pi3 is fast enough to be a desktop replacement.
Right now, though, the CPU speed governor is set to "powersave", as I need to leave it unattended and would prefer to leave it running at a lower temperature.

I don't know if I want to do it, but if T2 does manage to compile most of the packages, I could build a Quirky April for the Pi. It would also be "T2 friendly", for any future T2 builds.


For those who haven't been around the "Quirky scene" back that far, here is a link to the first release of Quirky April, version 7.0:

That was February 2015. How time flies!

There were releases for both i686 and x86_64.

After that, I started building Quirky from Ubuntu DEBs. Ah, but those old April builds were so less bloated!

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