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a2dp-alsa for Bluetooth audio

January 07, 2017 — BarryK
Puppy Forum member 'fr33land' has undertaken a great new initiative, Bluetooth support in Puppy Linux:

There have been other efforts, my own, named BluePup, found in the latest releases of Quirky x86_64 and Raspberry Pi, and Forum member 'rcrsn51' created peasyBT.

jamesbond has done excellent work with Bluetooth, and has created a utility, 'a2dp-alsa', that fr33land is using. It is described here:

I obtained the source of a2dp-alsa from here:

However, I then discovered that a2dp-alsa only works with bluez version 4.x. Right now, I am running SlaQ, a Quirky built from Slackware 14.2 binary packages, and bluez is version 5.4.

Phillip Berndt to the rescue. He has posted a patch for a2dp-alsa to support bluez5:

I have compiled it and created a PET, but not yet tested. I have uploaded the source and patch here:

Tags: linux