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E200HA keyboard dead again

January 08, 2017 — BarryK

I thought that SlaQ is ready for release, but have learnt a little bit of prudence and patience is essential, so thought had better test it on other computers than my main work laptop.

So, plugged the SlaQ USB stick into my Asus E200HA baby laptop, and... no sound, no keyboard.

The no-sound I know about, and there is a fix on the horizon, as I posted about recently:

But the keyboard. That was dead way back, early 2016, and I posted a fix:

...the problem is, I did not identify just what kernel config option did the trick. Furthermore, I have used that config file as the template for compiling later kernels, so why now does the 4.8.15 kernel fail me?

Today I will have to carefully compare kernel config files! And probably have another go compiling 4.8.15. One does hope that the kernel developers haven't changed something that has rendered my E200HA keyboard inoperative.


There is good news, kind of.

I compiled the 4.8.16 kernel, using the .config file from kernel 4.4.7, which has a working keyboard, as the template.
Made as few changes as possible, except enabled some new drivers and firewall settings, and.... keyboard is broken.

So, compiled latest in the 4.4 series, 4.4.40, again using the 4.4.7 .config file. Only change was to enable the 'overlay f.s.' and some firewall settings (to suit the new firewall-ng adopted from woof-CE).

Hey, now the keyboard works!

I guess that SlaQ will be using 4.4.40, also I will revert Quirky Xerus to 4.4.40.

Source, patches and config file are here:
u#se#rn#am#e: p#up#py p#as#sw#or#d: l#in#ux

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