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Linux on E200HA notes

January 21, 2017 — BarryK
I have posted a few times about running Linux, specifically Quirky, on my Asus E200HA baby laptop. Here are some posts:

I bought this laptop because of it's small size and light weight, easy to take as carryon when flying. And it is cheap. Unfortunately, it is not very compatible with Linux.

This is a webpage with a summary of the issues of E200HA and Linux:

Here is another page, similar information, also mentions freezing with some versions of Linux:

...there is a kernel boot parameter workaround for freezing, which I haven't tried.

I had freezing issues with the 4.8.x kernel, and rolled back to 4.4.40, which I am now using. No freezing issue.
Odd that later kernels give more trouble with this SoC!

I am still very disappointed that the SD-card interface doesn't work. The above links report that it may work, partly, with later kernels.

One good thing, the USB3 interface seems OK now. There was a freezing problem with kernel 4.4.8, but 4.4.40 is OK.

But I have a new problem. I usually turn off "tap" on the touchpad when using a USB mouse, as I invariably accidentally brush the touchpad when not meaning to.
However, this touchpad is not a Synaptics type, it is recognised as a mouse. I cannot see how to turn it off.

This is all too annoying. It seems that Intel have not bothered much with Linux support for the Cherry Trail SoCs, and things have moved on since then, new SoCs, so it looks like these issues might never get resolved?

I might take out my Quirky installation and restore the Win10 partition to fill the entire drive, and donate this laptop to a charity. Then buy one that is Linux-compatible.

It has to be small and light. There are some out there, I am thinking of Dell, that would be great, but pricey.

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