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ROX-Filer frozen on E200HA

January 09, 2017 — BarryK
Ha ha, the saga continues with my Asus E200HA! Yesterday I posted about fixing the keyboard, again:

I then created what I thought was going to be the release version of SlaQ, booted up on the E200HA, all seemed OK, but after a few minutes, ROX-Filer locked up. Everything else kept working. I noticed CPU usage climbing precariously, so shutdown.

Have used SlaQ on the E200HA a few times since then, Rox has been OK. Hmmm...

I am using an old version of ROX-Filer that was compiled in T2. I notice that Fatdog is using more recent source:

...this is a fork of the original project, which is mostly dead.

OK, I will compile it in SlaQ, and hope it performs better.


No, that new source from "jun7" has problems. Desktop drive icons do not display. In icon-view, file names are truncated.

The drive icons problem could probably be fixed, but I don't have the time right now.

So, I have recompiled the source from T2. For convenience of anyone else, I have uploaded the patched source (1.6MB):

It is possible that the freezing could be cured by the recompile. We shall see. Anyway, at this stage I don't want to hold up the release of SlaQ.

Tags: linux