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A laptop for Linux

March 08, 2017 — BarryK
Finally, a laptop that is Linux-compatible and with good specs and is cheap.

It is the Litebook, described here:

It has a Intel quad-core 14nm N3150 Braswell, with integrated graphics, OK for me. Then there's 4GB RAM, ...well, you can read the link.

There are a couple of things that jumped out at me as very thoughtful, very nice:

First, the touchpad has separate physical left and right buttons -- I hate the modern touchpads that are just a single surface.

Secondly, the hybrid storage. Both a 32GB SSD and a 512GB hard drive. They are separate partitions. This is very good. The OS and installed apps sit in the SSD and the magnetic-platter hard drive is for general storage. This is a good combination.

They haven't skimped on I/O either. I see an ethernet socket, SD-card, 2x USB3, HDMI, Bluetooth, wifi. Very good.

WARNING, see comment


Red flags raised on this Alpha Litebook:

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