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OE native compiling

April 13, 2017 — BarryK
Native compiling
My misunderstanding of the word "native" in the OpenEmbedded documentation, has been bothering me.

I posted about my latest go at using OE here:

I thought a "native toolchain" would be one that runs in the target machine. But not so. As clarified here:

..."native" refers to the host system.

However, this site is using "native" to refer to Yocto compiling in the target machine:, it can be done!

Slackware from Scratch
Changing the subject, I was wondering how Slackware is built from scratch. Well, it seems that it isn't, or rather, it is a cobbled-together approach. Apparently, they have used LFS to get going, then their build scripts to build packages.

There is no automated equivalent to LFS, however, some guys have been developing Slackware from Scratch, with automated build scripts, see this thread:


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