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Yocto 2 woofQ 2 Quirky

April 19, 2017 — BarryK
Have completed all of the steps. Compiled from source in Yocto, imported the x86_64 binary packages into woofQ, and built a Quirky distribution. It works, there is a desktop.

So far, have only done a "core-image-sato-dev" build in Yocto, with target-native SDK components included, as described here:

It is configured to create binary DEB packages, however, I ran into multiple issues with importing them into woofQ.
Instead, I wrote a script named '0pre-yocto' in woofQ, that imports entire un-split binary packages, as .tar.xz files. It also creates the Puppy-format database.

As this is early days with Yocto, to get a reasonable desktop I used many packages from April, for example Gnumeric and Dia. These work fine in the Yocto build.

Installed to a USB stick, booted, got a desktop. Although a "devx" PET has been created, have not yet tested whether there is a sane compiling environment.

'core-image-sato-dev' has some packages that I would rather do without, 'pulseaudio' for example. Next on the to-do list is to have a go at removing pulseaudio, see if it will still compile.


It may seem very obtuse, in fact it is, but removal of 'pulseaudio' has to be done in a strange way. Sscroll down this page, find "pulseaudio":

I inserted this line into build/conf/local.conf:

And did a rebuild. It has worked.

I also researched how to remove 'avahi', found this:

I inserted this line into local.conf:
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "zeroconf"

...however, it did not work, avahi still got built.

Tags: oe, quirky