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Ah, Wary and Racy

May 28, 2017 — BarryK
Wary and Racy are pups that I built from packages compiled in T2. Not that long ago (2013):

Wary runs the old Kdrive Xvesa xorg server. Racy uses the Xorg server and the xf86-video-* drivers.
Although Racy was released as a separate product, Wary could be transformed into Racy by installing a special video-upgrade PET package.

They were, and are, a beautiful creation. I like the theme too. And as was commented on the forum, 2013 is not really that old.

Forum member scsijon would like to keep the dream alive, by compiling updated packages in T2, and using the same Woof from the Wary/Racy days, to build a new updated Racy.

He won't be able to update Wary though, as it uses old Xorg packages that are suitable for Kdrive Xvesa. Many later application packages will not compile with those old Xorg libraries.

I guess that I am doing something similar, compiling everything in OE. I have created binary packages with minimal dependencies. I have compiled for x86_64 CPU, but I could do a i686 compile in OE, for older hardware.


Yes, I do plan to do an i686 compile in OE.

The main problem is that OE chews up huge amounts of drive space. So, plan to buy a 4TB hard drive for my "new" middy-tower PC. Will do that in a couple of days, and then plan to launch the i686 compile.

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