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Big build in OE underway

May 07, 2017 — BarryK
The last couple of days, I have been fixing the build of some packages in OpenEmbedded. In particular, I have had to modify the build "recipes" to fit my requirements for dependencies.

Packages that are not in my build include these:
avahi, gtk+3, libpam, pulseaudio, systemd

My core-image-quirky recipe now builds a large collection of packages, including very big ones such as libreoffice, kodi and firefox.

I have just started the build from scratch, the cache deleted so that it is truly a build from scratch, and we shall see how long it takes...

Next, I plan to import the packages into woofQ and build a Quirky. I will put the big apps in, including libreoffice, kodi and firefox, as I am very interested to find out how big the resultant distro will be.

Not every binary package that you find in a typical Quirky or Puppy, is compiled in OE, but that is no problem, will use packages from elsewhere, such as April. Eventually, hope to compile everything in OE.

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