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Chasing bugs in Pyro64

May 16, 2017 — BarryK
As I posted to the Puppy Forum this morning, Kodi now has text, and is working. Forum thread:

The problem that I am now working on, is both Firefox and SeaMonkey are very unstable. From past experience, there are various system libraries that are the cause of this, such as icu, cairo, pango, glib/gio.

I experimented with different configure options, eventually configured with almost everything internal, except, I think system libvpx. Beautiful, completely stable.

Then I introduced system hunspell and icu ...crashes again.

Most likely it is icu, so now I am doing a compile with all the other system libs reintroduced, except using internal icu. Hopefully that will be stable.

If it turns out to definitely be icu, I might do a complete rebuild in OE, using the same version of icu as used in seamonkey (56.1) with the same patches (OE has 58.x).


Yes, confirmed that icu 58.2 is causing firefox and seamonkey to be unstable.

So, trying an experiment. Recompiling in OE with icu 56.1, same version as used internally in firefox and seamonkey.

I also added the patches from seamonkeys's internal icu, mindful that it may be one of those patches that fixes the stability problem.

bitbake is a kind of "make on steroids" in OE, and it handles the rebuild very intelligently. It would seem that only what needs to be rebuilt is being rebuilt.

I just reran "bitbake core-image-quirky" and off she goes.

It is worthwhile doing this, as icu is very big. Seamonkey does create a very cutdown icu library file, "only" 11MB (stripped), but still, that 11MB can be removed by using the system icu.

So, it is taking hours. Libreoffice takes longer to compile than every other package put together. Furthermore, "make" seems to be using only one core. All of the other packages have built, now only libreoffice is compiling, and bitbake (the kind of make-on-steroids in OE) is showing only libreoffice is still compiling, and apparently using just one CPU core.

Anyway, it is good, still waiting on libreoffice, but it looks like no problem with the rolled-back icu.

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