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Classic OE recipes

May 08, 2017 — BarryK
I have struck gold!

I want to add more packages to my "core-image-quirky" build in OpenEmbedded. For example, JWM, ROX-Filer, Minimum-Profit and Dia.

Today I discovered a treasure trove of old recipes:

I downloaded the whole lot:
# git clone git:// oe-classic --depth 1

There is a recipe in there named "mped", which is the Minimum Profit text editor (executable name is "mp").
Yes, it is old and broken. A great starting point, and I fixed it.

In OE, I have a new layer, named "meta-quirky", and new recipes such as "mped" go in here, as well as fixes for existing recipes and other configuration.


Tried for some time, was unable to compile ROX-Filer, have put it aside for now.

Success with the window manager JWM, I adapted the recipe from here:


rox-filer took a long time to figure out, ditto dia. Gradually learning the tricks of the trade with OE.

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