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Mime handler for .tar.xz

May 23, 2017 — BarryK
Binary packages created in OE are in .tar.xz format. Currently, when you click on such a file in ROX-Filer, it opens in Xarchive (an archive manager).

Contrast that with say, a .pet package. Click on that, and 'petget' runs, with an offer to install it.

I have created a new script, /usr/local/bin/pkghandler, that is launched when someone clicks on a file of mime-type application/x-xz (a *.tar.xz file), and analyses whether it is a binary package or source code.

If a binary package, a window pops up asking if want to install or open in Xarchive. If not a binary package, opens immediately in Xarchive.

This is very nice. Now, if you have downloaded a .tar.xz binary package, just by clicking on it, you get to choose whether to install, or view the contents with Xarchive.

Tags: linux