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More xorg drivers for Pyro64

May 22, 2017 — BarryK
Quirky Pyro64 0.2 was uploaded yesterday. It only has the intel, vesa and modesetting xorg drivers, so apart from some acceleration provided by the kernel gpu drivers, only intel has hardware acceleration for xorg.

I have now compiled:

That is going to cover a lot more video cards out there.

When running Xine media player, launched from a terminal (run "xinewrapper"), it complains that cannot be found so disabling vdpau support.

Now, I recall several months ago, in Quirky Xerus64, putting in that library, and vdpau did not work at all.

Anyway, giving it another go. Have compiled:

This will all be in the next Pyro64 (and Easy) linux.

It will probably be necessary to make up a pet package with firmware for amd gpu's. Though, that can bulk up the build very quickly. LFS has firmware here:


I have compiled this package:

This provides libva (vaapi) support for intel video chips.

Is this going to be a case of "too many cooks", with all of these accelerator libraries for intel video?

This is an excellent guide:

Arch Linux, as always, has an excellent wiki page on hardware acceleration:

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