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OE Pyro with meta-quirky

May 19, 2017 — BarryK
Here is all that is needed to compile most of the packages used in Quirky Linux. It is a tarball with a snapshot of OpenEmbedded "pyro" branch, and my customization "meta-quirky" layer.

Create a folder in a partition with a Linux filesystem, at least 150GB free space, and expand the tarball inside the folder, it will expand as folder "oe-qky-src".

Inside oe-qky-src, you will find a readme file that explains what to do next.

Just a few commands to execute, and off you go! Need a fast Internet connection, as over 515 source packages have to be downloaded.

Download oe-qky-src from here:

Fast mirror:

I also uploaded a tarball of woofQ. Once you have all the binary packages, they can be imported into woofQ (see script 0pre-oe), and Quirky Pyro built.

Feedback can be posted here:


It will be helpful to read these notes:

Some notes there about making the host system compatible for OE.

You will need python3 and its deps. Also see notes about some groups (see /etc/groups) that OE expects to exist.

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