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Quirky installed on old PC

May 06, 2017 — BarryK
The old PC (without monitor) that I bought a few days ago, had Windows 10 installed. I reported on the purchase here:

I want this PC to be my workhorse for big compiling jobs, such as with OpenEmbedded. Windows is not wanted, so I wiped all the partitions, using Gparted.

Then I created partitions:
sda1 fat32 511MB
sda2 ext4 approx 860GB
sda3 ext4 approx 32GB
sda5 swap partition 16GB (logical partition)

The "BIOS" on the motherboard is actually UEFI-firmware, so it looks for what are called ESP fat partitions at bootup.
There is no need for any boot manager, other than that provided by the UEFI-firmware. There is nothing to configure in the UEFI-setup, the factory default is that it will look for ESP partitions, first on the internal hard drive.

I wrote how to do this kind of easy-peasy installation last year:

In Gparted, right-click on sda1 and set the "boot" and "esp" flags.
Copy the "EFI" folder and file "vmlinuz" from partition-1 of the USB stick (that I booted Quirky off) to sda1.

Open /mnt/sda1/EFI/BOOT/syslinux.cfg in an editor and change to "root=/dev/sda3" --- I am next going to install Quirky to sda3

In the menu, Setup -> Quirky Universal Installer, choose to install to a partition, and choose sda3

That's it. Shutdown, remove the USB-stick, power-up and you are running the installed Quirky.

Tags: quirky, linux