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Success building for Pi on OE

May 31, 2017 — BarryK
I am very impressed! Having used T2 for many years, where I would struggle for days trying to get packages to compile, this just sailed through.
Furthermore, it is a cross-build, which I have never been very successful with.

My complete package selection compiled, including kernel, kodi, firefox, gimp and libreoffice.
I had to take out nasm, yasm and xresprobe, as they are x86 only.

I am just now doing a rebuild from scratch, as there was one anomaly along the way, configuring mesa to be appropriate for the Pi. Although bitbake (the kind of "make on steroids" in OE) is very intelligent, I decided to do a complete clean rebuild.
That will take just over 9 hours.

Then the plan is to import the binary packages into woofQ and create a SD-image for the Pi2 (and Pi3).

I want to acknowledge the guys on the OE project who do all the hard work. It is a testimony to them, that I can come along with my package selection and have it all build, hardly without any issues, for x86_64 and Pi.

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