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wget, aaaargh!

May 21, 2017 — BarryK
I was fixing a couple of bugs in the package manager, PPM.

I compiled 'vim' in OE, and added it to the online package repository in Then I used the PPM to download and install it, to test all that is working ...which it isn't.

For a start, the "Update database" button was broken. Fixed that.

Then chose 'vim', but it failed to download.

I discovered the reason. The latest release of wget, 1.19.1, no longer logs to stderr, instead to ~/wget-log*

A quick google, this chap has hit the same problem:

I have at least two scripts, probably more, that are now broken. For example "wget .... 2>&1 | .... " or "wget .... 2> logfile" no longer work.

In the latter case, you have to use the "-o" to direct output to a particular logfile. I don't know what to do in the first case, where want to pipe it.

wget has been around since the beginning of time, why make such a fundamental change now? I sent a very polite email to the wget-bugs mail list, asking why.

In the OE build, I have rolled back to wget 1.17.1. This is the same version used in Ubuntu 16.04. In OE, it was easy-peasy to rollabck, I just grabbed the recipe from the "krogoth" release.

In OE:
# bitbake -c clean wget
...then put in the new recipe, in my 'meta-quirky' layer, then...
# bitbake wget

Then, over in woofQ:
# ./0pre-oe-add

...which detects the changed versions in OE, and deletes the old one, imports the 1.17.1 binary tarball.

Oh yeah, vim. It started out early this morning, I compiled vim in OE and imported it to woofQ. Then got distracted by this wget stuff. Now it is 11am.
I want vim as it can convert syntax-highlighted code to HTML output, great for putting code into web pages.

if you want vim for the new Quirky Pyro64, it is here (6MB):

If you download and click on it in Pyro64, Xarchive will open. The mime handler does not (yet) recognise *.tar.xz as possible being a package to install.
Instead, open a terminal where you downloaded it, and run:
# petget `pwd`/vim-8.0.0427-r0-core2-64.tar.xz

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