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Evince imported to OE

June 10, 2017 — BarryK
Evince is a nice PDF viewer. OpenEmbedded does have it, however, it is for gtk3, whereas my build is gtk2 only.

So, I imported the last version of Evince that supports gtk2, 2.32.0, with patches that "bring it up to date". This is the same Evince that I have been using in Quirky for awhile.

Source and patches are here:

I timed myself this time, it took one hour and five minutes to import Evince. Some of them take longer. I am only doing a few per day, so it is going to take awhile.

It is good that I am still able to build a complete distro with gtk2-based apps. Major projects such as seamonkey and libreoffice continue to support gtk2. There are a few "lesser projects" that have abandoned gtk2, such as evince and osmo, however, I am happy with older versions with patches applied.

I think that they made a mistake abandoning support for gtk2!
Mostly because it is a stable API, though I suspect sometimes developers do a bit more to it than they should -- it should just be maintenance patches. Compatible theming between gtk2 and qt is another big factor for me.

There is some interesting reading on this topic, gtk2 versus gtk3:
And about Audacious returning to gtk2:


Turns out that there is a lot more than a dozen packages that need to be imported to OE.

Have imported these:

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