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More imported, getting there

June 14, 2017 — BarryK
I have been reporting on the ongoing effort to import source packages into OpenEmbedded:

This morning, imported these:

There's a dejavu thing going on here, as I went through this exercise later, 2014, for T2, for example see this blog post:

I see 'gwhere' listed back then. failed this time, put it in the too-hard basket for now. Some packages are inherently cross-compiler-unfriendly. Ditto for 'inkscapelite'.

T2 is different, it has a non-cross-compile mode (if host and target archs are the same), then able to chroot into the target rootfs. This enables gwhere and inkscapelite to compile.


I imported a few more, then went through all packages, made a list of what still needs to be imported to OE ... 63 packages.

I recall, when did it for T2, imported well over 100, might have been around 130.

I can still keep using those packages compiled in T2, but really want to get them all imported to OE.

Oh well, will keep at it.

mirdir mpscan nbtscan libgnomecanvas libxscrnsaver makedepend whois xcalc xclipboard xvidtune patchutils picscale planner powerapplet-tray

Planner was a challenge, took about two hours. technosaurus created a patch for it sometime ago, to remove dependency on gconf. I have gconf in my build, so that doesn't matter. There were some more patches from debian.
The configure script still looked for gconf, also looked for libgnomeui and scrollkeeper -- just fooled it that they are there, and it compiled.
haven't tested whether it runs yet!

Note, planner does need libgnomecanvas. Scrollkeeper, that's one I am uncertain about, it was deprecated sometime ago, in favour of rarian, but I have neither in my build.

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