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Netpbm compiled in OpenEmbedded

June 17, 2017 — BarryK
Ha ha, this needs an announcement on its own, as it took me all day.


The utilities are used in Puppy and derivatives, performing vital core functions.
I am still using version 10.34, as later versions had a bug with merging of overlaid images, or so I recall -- that is going back a few years, and perhaps the latest version has fixed whatever that bug was -- anyway, I am staying with the version that I know works.

There is a very old recipe for OE, for "classic OE" and netpbm 10.28. It did have some good stuff in it, that I was able to use, so would like to acknowledge that effort:

That recipe was just the starting point, and there were major challenges, but kept going and finally it compiled -- had a late evening meal!


Updating what I have imported to OE:

puppyinputdetect puppyserialdetect read-edid retrovol rman rsync scale2x setvol netpbm bbc-provided bcrypt cddetect cddetect-quick cgtkcalc ctorrent curlftpfs libmaa dictd-client

Added these:

disktype dvdauthor hostname gfnrename installwatch

For umpteen years, have had the 'arch' and 'domainname' utilities in package 'embutils' in all pup distros.
It is compiled statically with dietlibc in T2, but I am no longer using dietlibc. Have retired embutils, using 'arch' from pkg 'coreutils' and 'domainname' from pkg 'hostname'.

modem-stats ndiswrapper ndiswrapper-exe

Ndiswrapper is said to be obsolete, however, some people still want it.

It consists of a kernel module and some runtime utilities. It was fairly straightforward compiling the module in OE. This pleases me, as I can in future import more third-party modules.

However, had to split the package into two, and compile the runtime utility separately. That's the 'ndiswrapper-exe' pkg.

nenscript normalize osmo ssh-gui sshpass udftools uget unclutter vamps vcdimager vobcopy

A bit of a hack with vcdimager, as it tries to do a test that is incompatible with a crosss-compile.

xvkbd yad

xvkbd was a bit tricky, as it required imake, which OE is not setup to use.

peasyscale-exec peasyscan-exec

These are the binary executables used in 'peasyscale' and 'peasyscan', two packages in the superb "peasy" series by rcrsn51.
Well, kept at it, and this is the last of them:

libao vorbis-tools wavplay xarchive xcur2png libtubo xfdiff-cut xload xlockmore xsoldier

Xlockmore was difficult. Although it uses autotools (has a 'configure' script), it is cross-compiler unfriendly. I could have fixed it, but instead compiled each file individually.

Still not quite there. I want to add some more xorg video drivers.

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