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OE build underway

June 22, 2017 — BarryK
As reported yesterday, I got through the long list of packages to be imported into OpenEmbedded:

To round it off, I also imported lots of xf86-video-* (Xorg video drivers) packages. However, several are cross-compiler unfriendly -- those are all exhibiting the same problem in the configure script, so I could probably figure out a fix.
For now though, will probably compile them in the target system and create PETs.

This evening have commenced the x86_64 target build, and am timing it. The previous build took about 9.5 hours.
This time there are many more packages, however that does not necessarily mean the build will take longer, as previously the last couple of hours was just libreoffice compiling, when all others had finished -- with a multicore CPU, those extra cores can be kept busy if there are more packages to compile.

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