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Pyro RPi2 build underway

June 29, 2017 — BarryK
A mini progress report.

Having compiled almost all packages required for Quirky, and a typical Puppy and Puppy-derivative, I have imported the binary packages into woofQ.

Tonight, plan to do a build in woofQ, which will create a 8GB SD card image for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3.

On the Puppy forum, we do have a little community of guys with RPis, so I plan to upload it, if anyone is interested in trying it out.


OK, now running Pyro on my Raspberry Pi3.

Right now, compiling SeaMonkey 2.48b1 on the Pi, which of course is taking a very long time.

I get a desktop, but there are issues. One of them is that 'ursvt' will not run. Running 'file' on it reports that it is an ARM executable however has "interpretor /lib/".
All other executables have "interpretor /lib/".

Interesting, that seems to be a cross-compile problem. Urxvt compiled in T2 has the same problem. I compiled urxvt in the Pi, and it works.
That's how I was able to get a terminal so as to be able to compile seamonkey.

Note, have not yet imported seamonkey into OE.

For example:

Haven't tried the fix yet. can't say that I am happy with this situation, as even if I can get urxvt to run, "ldd /usr/bin/urxvt" will remain broken.

I am going to write a script to search through all binary executables, find out just how widespread this problem is.

After seamonkey has finished compiling!

SM works though. Note, my 4TB hard drive provided a swap partition, probably required due to the small amount of RAM in the Pi.

My new 4TB usb3 drive is great, no problem using it with the Pi or any other board, as it has its own power supply:

The light came on earlier today, why 'urxvt' and some other apps will not run. Because these are packages that I compiled in T2, and although I specified hard-floating-point, T2 is broken and compiled them all for soft-floating-point.

There are several packages in my Pyro build from T2. Have to recompile them. Notecase is one, have just now recompiled it, now works.

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