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xdg-puppy imported to OE

June 10, 2017 — BarryK
Took a few hours, have imported 'xdg-puppy' into OpenEmbedded. It also required 'gnome-menus'.

I imported xdg-puppy into T2 a couple of years ago:

OE is a more difficult situation than T2, the makefiles do not work, had to setup $CC, $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS especially.

xdg-puppy source latest now version 0.7.8:

Still using an old version of gnome-menus, as later versions were found to not follow the XDG specification for inline menus. Version 2.14.3:

A OE tarball with latest customization layer is expected to be uploaded soon.


Have imported 'ijs' and 'cups-filters' to OE.

Note, cups-filters was split off from the cups project sometime ago, but it isn't in OE. Strange. It provides important functionality for printing.

Tags: oe