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bcm popup messages

July 16, 2017 — BarryK
BaCon Cairo Messenger (bcm) is a popup message box for shell scripts, written by forum member vovchik.

Oh dear, not another one! I am losing count of how many there are already in Quirky. Well, we have these:

pupmessage, xdialog, gxmessage, xmessage, popup, gtkdialog, yad, pupdialog, gtkdialog-splash

So, why not have one more!

I was reading about MRUF created by musher0, a PET to list most-recently-used files. His PET has three binary executables, so I thought why not put those binaries into Quirky.

Starting with bcm. This is a very pretty popup messenger thingy, written in BaCon. Vovchik posted about it here:

I have compiled it and created a PET. It will be in the next Quirky. It is /usr/bin/bcm, only 39KB. I also included the source in the PET, /usr/share/doc/bcm/bcm.bac and a help file, bcm.txt.

Tags: quirky, linux