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fsck at bootup improved

July 13, 2017 — BarryK
Quirky is in one respect very different from Puppy, in that, after bootup, the first script /sbin/init, has the option of continuing to bootup (by executing /bin/busybox init), or switch_root to a ramdisk, where various diagnostic and maintenance operations can be performed. For example, a fsck of the installed partition.

The way this differs from Puppy, is Puppy can do a fsck earlier, in the initramfs. However, a normal full install of Quirky does not have a initramfs.

Testing on the Pi3, /sbin/init failed to switch_root to the ramdisk. It is a strange failure, but I think that I have fixed it. Have put the fix into the script, haven't tested on the Pi yet.


This ramdisk, that can do f.s. check, rollback, etc., was displaying a couple of error messages just before a reboot. Like this:

umount: can't open /proc/mounts
swapoff: can't open /etc/fstab

These occur when the busybox 'reboot' applet is executing. They don't matter, however, disturbing for the user to see them.

Ok, fixed, they no longer display.

Tags: quirky, linux