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Kernel 4.11.9 and firmware

July 08, 2017 — BarryK
Running Quirky Xerus x86_64 8.1.90 on my midi-tower PC, have compiled Linux kernel 4.11.9. This will be used in the next release of Quirky Xerus -- the official final release is expected to be version 8.2. Note, the current official release is 8.1.6, back in January 2017.

The PETs(31.4M, 1.1M, 145.7M):

The kernel source and build scripts:
u*se*rn*am*e: p*up*py p*as*sw*or*d: l*in*ux

Have also created firmware PETs for networking and gpu. Note that creation of these PETs is quite easy. In a recent Quirky Linux, look in /usr/local/firmware. There you will find a couple of scripts and instructions.

I am currently getting most of the non-free firmware from here:

Firmware PETs (6.2M, 28.1M):


For Quirky 8.1.94 I dumped overlay filesystem in favour of aufs. This required a recompile of the kernel:

For Quirky Xerus 8.2 final, I compiled the kernel again, this time with the fuse driver builtin, so that the ntfs-3g driver will work in the initramfs. Also bumped version 4.11.11:

Tags: quirky, linux