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Linux kernel 4.11.12

July 26, 2017 — BarryK
I have compiled kernel 4.11.12, with two third-party patches.
Firstly, aufs, secondly realtek 8723bu wifi driver.

I also brought back the "usb-storage" patch, which is a small patch that logs some extra USB memory probing to dmesg.

Configured the kernel as before, except one change, disabled Device Drivers --> SATA --> legacy ISA PATA Support.
This was builtin, now have completely removed it. This is CONFIG_PATA_LEGACY.

The wifi driver is needed for the Alpha Litebook, and the CONFIG_PATA_LEGACY caused slow bootup.

PETs (41.7M, 1.1M, 146M):

Kernel source, patches, build scripts:
u#se#r: p#up#py p#as#sw#d: l#in#ux

Tags: linux