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Live-CD ask save at shutdown

July 16, 2017 — BarryK
When Quirky Xerus is booted from CD, or a frugal installation, there is a "save" icon on the desktop, for saving the session to internal or external drive.

The save window has a checkbox, which if ticked, will bring up the save window at every shutdown. This defaults to unticked, as I was thinking of users who might only want to save a session occasionally.

However, one tester reported having lost some work, setting up a theme. He forgot to save. Hmmm, this is because he has a Puppy Linux background, where a window pops up at shutdown asking if want to save the session.

In deference to those with a Puppy Linux background, I have changed the default to ask at shutdown.
So now, even if you have never clicked the desktop "save" icon, you will be asked at shutdown. Every shutdown, but you can untick the checkbox if you don't want to be asked at every shutdown.

Tags: quirky, linux