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mdview markdown viewer

July 07, 2017 — BarryK
Recently I uploaded my "oe-qky-src" to github, and installed Smartgit to manage it locally:

Then I realised, there is no viewer for markdown files. Markdown is the format used for readme files in github.
There isn't even mime type handling for markdown.

I determined that the correct mime type is "text/markdown":

And fantastic, we have an "in house" markdown viewer, named 'mdview', created by jamesbond. This is a GUI viewer, but also is a converter on the commandline, to formats such as html.

jamesbond's mdview project site:

Puppy forum thread discussing mdview:

woofQ is now setup to recognise the mime type, ROX-Filer will display a special icon, and click on a *.md file will open it in mdview.

Tags: linux