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Pschedule overhauled

July 27, 2017 — BarryK
Puppy forum member zigbert has created lots of apps for Puppy, some of which are in Quirky. For example, Pburn, Pmusic and Pschedule.

Pschedule forum thread:

There have been reports, every now and again, about Pschedule not working correctly, but it never got resolved, not as far as I know.
Most-recent discussion is here:

I have taken another look at Pschedule, and redesigned it to use /etc/init.d/80-crond, rather than /root/.config/autostart.
80-crond comes from jamesbond, and I modified it to suit busybox crond and Pschedule.

Here is the PET (7KB):

Note also, radky has upgraded PupSysInfo, now version 2.7.2 (39KB):


After uploading the PET, I realised there is a problem.

As /etc/init.d/80-crond runs before X has started, the DISPLAY variable is not set, so crond is unable to launch X apps.

Fixed, new PET:

Tags: quirky, linux