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Qsync internationalized

July 07, 2017 — BarryK
I wrote Qsync late last year, a GUI utility to sync the time via an Internet time server:

I neglected to apply 'gettext' to the strings. L18L has now done so:

Put into woofQ.

The last official release of Quirky, apart from various pre-alpha, alpha and beta experiments, was the PC x86_64 Xerus Quirky 8.1.6, in January 2017:

Ubuntu's Xenial Xerus is an LTS release, so still has life in it. Xerus 8.1.6 is what I am using everyday on my desktop PC.

So, time for a new release, I reckon. It will probably be Quirky Xerus 8.2, with at least one RC.
Apart from updating to the latest Ubuntu Xenial Xerus update DEBs, will probably also compile the latest SeaMonkey and Linux kernel (4.12?).

Tags: quirky, linux