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Quirky Xerus64 8.3 final

July 29, 2017 — BarryK
Quirky 8.2 was released only 10 days ago:

Version 8.3 was intended to be a bug-fix upgrade from 8.2, however, in the short interval of 10 days, the development has been very intense, and 8.3 has turned out to be somewhat more than just a "bug fix" release.

Announcement blurb:
Quirky Linux 8.3 x86_64 is codenamed "Xerus" and is built using the woofQ Quirky Linux build system, with the help of Ubuntu 16.04.2 binary packages. Thus, Xerus has compatibility with all of the Ubuntu repositories.
Quirky is a fork of Puppy Linux, and is mainly differentiated by being a "full installation" only, with special snapshot and recovery features, and Service Pack upgrades, though recently there is limited support for live-CD session-saving and "frugal" installation.
Version 8.3 has many architectural improvements and package upgrades, including new packages JWMDesk, UrxvtControl, Take-a-Shot, SQLIteManager, MRUF-lst and Pmcputemp. Among architectural improvements, the overlay filesystem has been dumped in favour of aufs, mime-handling fixes, and network-connection refinements. A significant change in application selection is VLC dumped in favour of Xine. The Linux kernel is version 4.11.12 and SeaMonkey is version 2.48b1.

Detailed announcement and release notes are here:


There is a choice to download, either a live-CD ISO file, or an image file for 8GB or greater USB Flash stick. Install instructions:

Primary download site:

Forum feedback:


SQLiteManager is an addon for Mozilla browsers and is in Quirky 8.3. It can be launched standalone, without SeaMonkey, by clicking on a SQLite3 database file, or via the menu, Business category.

However, it is initially disabled and will not run. You have to start SeaMonkey, menu Tools --> Addons Manager, and SQLiteManager has an "enable" button.

We need to figure out how to change the default to enabled.

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