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Simple Network Setup updated

July 06, 2017 — BarryK
As I posted yesterday, I have started to examine rerwin's excellent work on improving the network connection scripts:

This morning, I finished sifting through rerwin's changes to SNS (Simple Network Setup).

His scripts cannot just be copied across, as mine in woofQ have diverged too much. It started awhile back, when zigbert rewrote the GUI components in woof-CE.
So, I have just picked out some recent fixes -- ha ha, and I see that rerwin has been doing the same in reverse! Good, that is what should be happening.

The scripts are in woofQ, rootfs-skeleton/usr/local/simple_network-setup.

This afternoon, might progress onto rerwin's other improvements, that is, frisbee and pgprs, plus some new infrastructure in 'network_connect_update' PET.


Rerwin's pgprs is discussed on the Puppy Forum:

The version is 2.0.2. I have imported it into woofQ, pretty much as-is.

The only change is made /usr/share/pixmaps/pgprs.svg a symlink to puppy/wireless.svg, and added symlinks 'pgprs-connect' and 'pgprs-shell' to /usr/sbin/pgprs.

I have hardly looked at 'network_connect_update' yet, but as far as I can see, the pgprs scripts should work.
I still have the original /usr/sbin/connectwizard, which calls by the old names 'pgprs-connect' and 'pgprs-shell', but the 'pgprs' script handles that.

At this stage, don't know what those scripts in folder 'pdiag' do, but it looks like essential infrastructure.

Quirky is using an older frisbee PET, version 1.1 with some improvements by rerwin, dated 2013. I haven't had any complaints about it.

So, maybe will invite feedback on frisbee and pgprs after next release of Quirky, and revisit it then.

Tags: linux