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July 06, 2017 — BarryK
I am very interested in the development that rerwin (Richard) is doing with the network connection scripts. See his post here, which also has links to other development threads:

I thought that I would start by looking at rerwin's improvements to my SNS (Simple Network Setup).
I downloaded the PET and opened it up. Right off, I noticed that the scripts access files in /usr/lib/gtkdialog.

I don't have that folder in woofQ. It was an initiative of 01micko about 3 years ago, and others have contributed. See woof-CE on github:

Quite a few newish PETs and scripts require this folder, so it behoves me to have it in woofQ. OK, done.


The scripts in /usr/lib/gtkdialog require some svg icons in /usr/share/pixmaps/puppy. woofQ only has a few icons in there, so I copied the extra ones needed by those scripts, out of woof-CE:

Starting to look at rerwin's improved SNS, I have imported his 'proxy-setup' into /usr/local/simple_network-setup in woofQ, replacing the previous 'proxy-setup'.

Which is a relief. I think, a long time ago, it was a script, then, when I got real keen on BaCon, rewrote it in BaCon, using HUG (High level Universal GUI), which becomes a binary executable. The problem with this is every now and again have a compile fail, or a runtime fail, due to upgraded BaCon.
The latest issue is the libgobject-2.0*.so* library would not load, which I reported to the BaCon forum:

OK, it got resolved, but why bother, when a simple gtkdialog-based shell script does the job just as well?

Note, the only other BaCon HUG app in woofQ is /usr/sbin/welcome1stboot, and I reckon will replace that with a script also.

The BaCon cli utilites have mostly been ok.

Tags: linux