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Improving Surfer tiny web browser

August 01, 2017 — BarryK
Surfer is a web browser, see project home:

The chap who created Surfer, many years ago created version 0.0.7 which worked with libgtkhtml, forming a very tiny HTML viewer.

This tiny version has been in many pups (Puppy Linux and derivatives) as the internal HTML documentation viewer.

Tiny, which is great, very useful just to look at local HTML files, but there is one major problem -- libgtkhtml supports HTML4 and some CSS, there is no support for javascript.
Consequently, web pages on the Internet cannot be reliably displayed, and in many cases will crash Surfer.

What is needed is for Surfer to treat Internet links in local web pages as a special case, and launch "defaultbrowser" (which is the main browser, ex SeaMonkey).

I looked at the source code, and it wasn't obvious how to do that, so I posted the question to the Puppy Forum:

Fantastic, forum member SFR has created a patch!


I tested the patch from SFR, it works great.

As this is effectively a fork of a very early version of Surfer, I have renamed it HelpSurfer, and assigned it version 0.1. It has SFR's patch already applied.

Source uploaded here:

Tags: linux