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Markdown to HTML

August 11, 2017 — BarryK
I wrote about redesigning the local help files in Easy:

Now I am thinking of dumping all of that.

Various reasons, one of which is that HelpSurfer is too unstable. Also too slow.

jamesbond's mdview is soooo fast, and help files in Fatdog are now based on markdown. Wrote about mdview here:

L18L wrote a custom converter to convert one of the Fatdog md files to html:

I wondered what is out there, to convert md to html. There are many converters that require an Internet connection, but I want one that works offline.

Found these:
Written in C:


Ha ha, I overlooked the obvious. Jamesbond's mdview also does cli conversions, including to html. That's great.

Tags: linux