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ROX-Filer Home icon

August 06, 2017 — BarryK
The icon bar along the top of ROX-Filer file manager has a "Home" icon. Click that, and it takes you to /root.

In Quirky and Easy, I want to differentiate between the /root and the user's preferred working home. When I click the "Home" icon, I want to go to that alternative path.

This question has been asked a few times on the Puppy Forum, for example here:

I have created a patch for the source code, 09-rox-filer-easy-home.patch. hard-coded for the home path in Easy Linux.

The source that I am using for Quirky and Easy is:

And these patches have to be applied:

09-rox-filer-easy-home.patch really should be generalized to suit any desired home, so it will work in any pup, as my todo note here:

...if anyone wants to do that, go for it!

After patching, compile:
# ./ROX-Filer/AppRun --compile

Which will create 'ROX-Filer' executable, copy that to /usr/local/apps/ROX-Filer/, or where ever ROX is in your pup, then restart X.


I posted about this on the Puppy Forum:

Tags: linux